February 24, 2024

If you are a wedding service provider in Bulawayo, Zimweddings has something great in store for you. You can attend the Zimweddings Networking event that is happening on Friday, the 21st of February 2020.

We spoke to the Zimweddings team to find out exactly what this Networking event is all about and why it’s a good idea to attend as a wedding service entrepreneur.

ME = Motivated Entrepreneurship
ZW = Zimweddings

ME: What is the purpose of this networking event?

ZW: The purpose of the networking event is to create a platform for wedding service providers to interact, connect, learn and have a good time, too.

ME: What made you want to start this project?

ZW: We have always wanted to meet the faces behind the brands, and it’s also our mandate as industry curators to help event businesses grow for the benefit of our audience, which is wedding couples.

ME: When, where, and what time is the event? And how much are the tickets?

ZW: The venue is the Tea Room at the ZITF. Attendees can use the main gate entrance.
The event will be from 3 p.m to 7 p.m on Friday the 21st of February 2020 and it will cost $15 per person.

ME: What can entrepreneurs expect to get out of attending this event?

ZW: The event is meant to benefit their businesses. This is an opportunity for anyone involved in the wedding industry to meet and network with other entrepreneurs in this field, expand their business referrals, and see what different services can be offered to couples. Many successful long-term relationships have begun through networking. Networking is priceless in our opinion.

Of course this event isn’t only for Bulawayo residents. If you’re willing to travel from wherever you are in Zimbabwe and meet new people in your field for collaboration and opportunities, then this is for you too.

To get your tickets, you can contact Zimweddings on:+263 719934867

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