February 24, 2024

“Indulge your creative self.” That’s what today’s featured entrepreneur is calling you to do. Antoinette Creations ZW is a start-up brand that creates unique, eye-catching crafts and fashion items. We asked the Founder, Antoinette, to tell us about the inspiration behind her brand.

Tell us about yourself as the Founder of the brand.

My full name is Hope Antoinette Muchanyuka and I’m the founder and creative director of Antoinette Creations. Antoinette Creations is a creative business that focuses on handmade products, interior décor and fashion. It is named after my second name because Antoinette embodies my creative side. My love for creativity began from childhood, but it was solidified in high school from being in an art class. From there, I had a deep desire to pursue creativity even though, at that time, I did not know or understand what that meant. I truly believe that I was called to create.

What made you want to start this business?

The idea of Antoinette Creations came about 10 years ago due to my fascination for art. Over the years, the idea has morphed as I became exposed to different creative careers beyond fine art. There were many failed business launch attempts prior to Antoinette Creations. Only about 6 months ago was I sure what I wanted the creative business to focus on. The main aim of the different services and products offered by Antoinette Creations is to amplify the voice of Zimbabwean and African designs. The fashion and interior décor world is currently dominated by other cultures, it is time for the African voice to be heard.

What challenges, if any, have you faced during the course of your business journey?

Anyone who pursues entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe is crazy! We all know how volatile the environment we operate in is, but that always keeps us on our toes. The products I make are considered luxury, so they are not easy products to sell. Raising capital has not been easy but it is something we have managed through sacrifices and support from family and friends.

Without giving too much away, what plans do you have for the future in terms of growth and expansion?

One key component of the business is giving back to the community and impacting lives. We are planning to introduce a programme where we train women from underprivileged communities to make handmade products and employ them to stock Antoinette Creations products. We are strong believers in women empowerment.

How much planning goes into a business venture like Antoinette Creations?

A lot, but it being a creative business it is most likely that things do not go according to schedule and so there is a great need to be flexible and to be able to quickly pivot and deal with the new situation that presents itself. This is a crucial skill.

Where and how can people buy your products?

Currently, people can order our products on Facebook and Instagram, @antoinettecreationszw. We are working on the online store and being stocked in physical shops soon. Follow our pages for the updates.

Antoinette Creations shows you that, regardless of your economic environment, when passion and determination meet, success is sure to follow. Be sure to check out Antoinette Creations ZW on the social media handle provided.

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