February 24, 2024

UN Women has partnered with multiple media associations “to promote and recognize excellence in the media reporting of the work by Feminist Movements in East and Southern African countries” in the Gender Journalism Awards. This competition is open to all professional and freelance journalists who are at least 18 years of age, who work in East and Southern Africa for media organizations that are based in the region (East and Southern Africa) that print publications and electronic news for dissemination in the region as the primary target audience. There is no entry fee and entries should have been published between 20 May and 15 October, 2021, which is the deadline for entry.

There are 5 categories to enter in (the Women’s Rights Activism and Leadership, Protection of Civic Space for Feminist Action and Movement Building, Intergenerational Partnerships for Consensus Building and Succession, Feminist Movements and Financing for a Gender Equal Future, and Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality), and 3 prizes to be awarded in each category, bringing the total number of prizes to 15.

If you qualify, you can enter the competition by clicking on this link for more details:


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