It’s officially 2022! (Happy New Year, by the way). This time of year, a lot of people are making resolutions, making plans, to do better and be better. It’s the general standard (“new year, new you” and all of that good stuff). But is there a better, more balanced, way to start the year than with a list of (sometimes pressure-filled) resolutions? We have some tips here that might help you to start your year just as productive as you would with a hard list, but with way less stress.

1. New Year’s resolutions are great and they can be a good guide for staying consistent in pursuit of your goals. However, your health comes first. Anything that messes with your headspace should be reconsidered. When planning your resolutions, always make sure you plan in incremental phases. Small steps forward are just as credible as the big ones.

2. Ditch the stress. It’s been a crazy couple of years (if you’re reading this way ahead in the future, you may not understand but the years 2020 to 2021 were…interesting). Any way, the last thing anyone needs, even in normal times, is pressure and high stress. Take care of yourself first. Avoid worrying and comparison. Pick up an affordable, therapeutic hobby. Reduce that stress.

3. Focus on all aspects of your health – spiritual, physical (exercise and eat well), emotional, and mental. A tired/weak/unhealthy/unbalanced body and soul can never be as productive as it would be at its optimum. This is actually the most important tip. We saved the best for last. It encompasses every aspect of you and what you need in order to function.

Long story short, start the year right by looking after yourself and others. The rest will come. This is not meant to sound like some kind of butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns post. We know that situations differ and hard work is certainly required to get where you want to be. But your goals and resolutions center around you. So, shouldn’t you and your self-care be the focus if you want to achieve them?

Comment your thoughts and plans for the new year. We’d love to hear from you!

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