What Is The International Climate Action Challenge?

When it comes to making a difference, you may assume that you don’t have enough pull to make an impact. The Green Team Academy would disagree. Founded by Joan Gregerson, and now being managed by her successor Gin DeMaio, the Green Team Academy is turning everyday people into everyday heroes. And they are doing this through their International Climate Action Challenge (ICAC22). ICAC22 is a guided 90-Day program that will offer communities around the globe a chance to launch Eco-projects with network support and resources. The program aims to mobilize communities and get them involved in helpful climate tasks that will work to assist the environment and encourage climate advocacy. The Challenge is open to everyone, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a team of at least 2 members.

Gin told us about her passion for the work that Green Team Academy does and explained her extraordinary journey to being a part of the organization that, today, she manages. From scuba diving in the most beautiful waters around the globe to visiting Zambia to mobilize climate activists throughout the country, Gin’s focus is people and planet. Her passion was initially spurred when she saw the damage to the coral reef and the pollution in the ocean. After discovering the Green Team Academy through their Success Accelerator, circumstances eventually led Gin to be invited to lead the organization.  Now, ICAC is running in its third year and has the impressive stats to show it. During the 2021 ICAC program alone, communities managed to plant over 150000 trees, hold 40 cleanup events, remove 48 tons of debris from waterways, and divert 8.9 tons of organic waste. But, of course, the work is not done yet. And that’s why Green Team continues to run ICAC programs that anyone, even you, can participate in.

Gin DeMaio is the current Director of the Green Team Academy.
How To Join ICAC22

As mentioned before, anyone anywhere in the world can participate and the timeline will run as follows:

  • July 01 – Registration opens
  • August 15 – Registration closes
  • August 17 – Event kicks off with two weeks of preparation and initial training
  • August 31 through November 30 – The Challenge period, during which teams complete their projects
  • December 14-16 – Green Team Academy Impact Summit, when results and highlights from around the world are presented

There is still time for you to register for the program and join a network of climate change-makers. If you would like to participate in the International Climate Action Challenge 2022, please click HERE to learn more and register.

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