February 24, 2024
Make money online with Remotasks



Making Money Online


We’ve all seen it before. An ad that promises a new, easy way of making money online. We click on the link, excited for a chance to leave our day job, and then boom! It’s either a scam or the opportunity is restricted to people in certain countries only (this one hurts on a whole different level because Hello! We didn’t ask to be in 3rd world countries. But I digress.) Sometimes the payment method that the opportunity uses is what excludes you. For example, in my country (Zimbabwe) PayPal and Stripe don’t work for receiving payments, so if that’s the only option given for a work-from-home opportunity, I can’t sign up. The point I’m trying to make here is, most of the time finding online side hustles, such as surveys, transcriptions, and data entry jobs, can be a struggle, and these opportunities are not accessible to everyone. But, fear not, because I’ve finally found one that IS accessible to literally ANYONE. Legit. There is a real way to make money online anywhere in the world. And it’s called Remotasks.


Make money online with Remotasks


What Is Remotasks?


Remotasks is not just any kind of online work. In fact, it’s extremely interactive. The purpose of Remotasks is to assist the AI (Artificial Intelligence) on certain sites in getting more accurate descriptions through assistance from human input. For example, you will have to correctly transcribe things or label a certain colour in an image accurately. The work, for the most part, is fairly simple. There are obviously some tasks that are higher paying and more complex, but in general it is easy work. Don’t get me wrong, Remotasks is not for the lazy. Quite the opposite really. But if you put the work in and spend time perfecting your accuracy, you will see the reward. And it gets even simpler with practice.

When you join, you will be given short courses and easy quizzes first, before you are granted access to any tasks, so they can ensure high quality output. You do also get paid after completing specific courses, which is great. It’s important that you submit accurate, high quality work in order to maximize on your earnings and also be allowed to continue working on certain projects.


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How Much Can You Make?


This is the main question you want answered, isn’t it? Well, this depends entirely on you. The work (especially the simpler tasks) is not very high paying. You earn a couple of cents per task. But given the fact that a task usually takes only a few seconds to complete once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a decent deal. Some people make a few dollars because they only spend a day doing the work (just to have extra cash for takeout or a movie date), and some are pulling in hundreds of dollars because they take it seriously. It’s on you to decide which one you will be. When testing it out, I personally made over US$8 and I barely did much work at all. I certainly wasn’t consistent with it. So I would imagine that a more consistent tasker would pull in enough money to be comfortable, maybe even to make a living, depending on how committed and skilled they are. Below is a screen shot of my earnings when I was testing it out.


Remotasks earnings
Remotasks earnings


Payment Methods


This is where Remotasks is a real winner. It uses both PayPal and AirTM to pay its taskers. You can choose whichever one suits you best. My focus is going to be on AirTM because it has a wider reach and caters to more countries than PayPal does currently. AirTM has multiple international options for you to cash out with (from Payoneer to Payeer to EcoCash). It removes the stress of the usual restrictions on payment methods. So, yes, you do obviously have to open an AirTM account if you choose this option, but it is free, quick, and easy. In fact, I think it’s a good idea to have an AirTM account regardless of whether you proceed with Remotasks. It’s just a really convenient option to receive money. AirTM is also unique in that it is a peer-to-peer service and there is never a shortage of someone wanting to cash out or in.

Remotasks also send you your money every 3 days or so, which means no long waits. That’s a big deal when you need cash regularly for running bills, etc.

In conclusion, Remotasks is a good opportunity. It’s convenient and gives anyone a chance to make some extra cash. I hope other sites follow this trend soon. There are hard workers in every country, who are more than up for whatever task you assign them.

Click HERE to sign up for Remotasks and start earning real cash.

Click HERE to open an AirTM account:

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