February 24, 2024
Nokia flip phone

The newly relaunched Nokia flip phone

Amidst many Millennials and GenZers trying to limit their screen time and live in real life more, there was apparently a market for simpler phones with a nostalgic feel. Cue Nokia.
25 years after they first released their iconic flip phones, Nokia has relaunched the flip phone in style. The rollout began late last year (2022) and has, so far, been met with a positive reception. These are feature phones and not smartphones, by the way (actually being referred to as dumb phones in some circles). If you aren’t sure what the difference between feature phones and smart phones are, you can check that out HERE.

In any case, in a world where everything is about general progression, this could be a refreshing change in pace.

These phones are way cheaper than the standard Samsung and iPhone, coming in at £65 (about US$81), and it even comes with the classic “Snake” game that many Millennials grew up playing. I’m not sure how much less screen time you’ll have with that addictive game on the phone, but that’s a story for another day.

I personally like the idea of less screen time. But with social media being what it is, I wonder how long this will last for everyone. Is it just a trend or will it actually take? Maybe some of these buyers simply want an alternative phone for when they don’t want to be tempted to go on Social Media to avoid toxicity and negativity?

Would this interest you? Do you plan on getting yourself a new Nokia flip phone? Let’s chat in the comments.

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