A New Career

So…Pearl Thusi is a DJ now.

Yes, Pearl Thusi is a DJ now. You read that correctly. Now that most of the noise surrounding the South African actress and model’s new career endeavour has simmered down, we’re ready to discuss it. This is not a gossip blog and never will be. So we are approaching this from a whole different angle. The business and entrepreneurial angle, of course.

The Public Reaction

Do you know what was more surprising than Pearl’s decision to change careers to something that seems so far removed from her usual occupation? The reaction that people had to it. Social media users went on rants and wrote theses on how she must be broke and needs the money. They even mentioned her age, insinuating (and sometimes plain stating) that she was washed up and too old to be doing what she was doing.

Now, you are entitled to your opinions on the “respectability” of being a female DJ in Africa, if that’s a stance you want to take. (Some people felt like it was a “downgrade” of her career, which is why I am bringing up this point). You are even entitled to your opinion on whether or not she has the skill to do it or is simply just using her name to sell the idea. Everyone has an opinion, and it’s not really always necessary to air it publicly. But, hey, this is social media and anyone can become relevant for a few minutes by simply typing a random opinion so we most likely won’t be able to curb that issue. Anyway, the point is that it was very interesting to see how closed-minded many people can be. Pearl’s change of career was seen as a bad thing by some, instead of simply being seen as an aspirational move on her part, a choice to fulfill one of her dreams. Some Twitter (X) users even referred to her career move as a “downfall.” I mean, yikes!

The Conclusion

Firstly, she’s not old at all! And there’s nothing wrong with changing your career and trying new endeavours that you have always wanted to do. But some people didn’t see it that way. And I guess my question is, why is that? Is it wrong to aspire to new things after the age of 30? Is it embarrassing? Within reason and sensibility, I don’t think so.

You can learn from any situation if you have the right mindset to. And if this teaches you anything (whether you agree with Pearl’s new profession and career move or not), let it teach you that at any age, at any point in your life, you should be free to pursue what you want to do with all of your heart as long as you are not hurting anyone. You will never know where that tenacity can take you.

What’s your take on this?

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