April 22, 2024

Reesa Teesa’s Story of #whotfdidImarry – The Subtle Art of Monetising Your Pain

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or have been on a very isolated vacation island and in that case, lucky you!), you heard all about Reesa Teesa’s ordeal in her 50 part series titled #whotfdidImarry. In this series, Reesa Teesa documents her story (in detail) of being married to a pathological liar. I’m going to start this article off by stating that this is something I have never understood about social media and the internet. People will come online and share the deepest, most private aspects of their lives without blinking an eye. Then it got me thinking…Life is going to happen to people, regardless of whether it’s public or not. And some people are not easily embarrassed or uncomfortable with sharing their story because being quiet about it won’t make it any less of a reality for them. So, they talk about it. Loudly. That’s why we are going to speak about #whotfdidImarry – the subtle art of monetising pain.

The Profitability of Storytimes

Now, this is still a very strange approach to handling life’s private moments to me. However, for people who don’t care too much for boundaries and who are all about their money, I suppose their approach would be to make lemonade from the very sour lemons they have been given.

This is not to say that Reesa Teesa did all of this on purpose to get social media famous or intentionally monetize the story of her ordeal. She may have actually just been trying to heal by airing her story. But the result is the same – Insta-fame and popularity, which in the internet world almost definitely converts to profitability. Her story was even featured in Rolling Stone magazine and I saw some social media users calling for her story to be made into a movie or series!

Crazy, right? But monetising pain is nothing new and neither is the transition of social media fame to mainstream media exposure. I mean, storytimes are a popular video style that have been around for years. But the scale with which #whotfdidImarry blew up is unprecedented. It was (and possibly still is) trending everywhere. And I think it’s how Reesa Teesa went about telling her story. No bells and whistles – just a story, like one person speaking casually to another.

The Conclusion

Long story short (no pun intended), the ability and skill to tell a story well can be a great way to maximise your earning potential. Not necessarily just these types of very private, personal stories, but any captivating story in general. The gift of being a good, engaging storyteller is truly beneficial in life. So if you have that gift, use it. Oh, but please do use this gift WISELY and HONESTLY. Because, needless to say, some people enjoy telling stories even when they aren’t true. Don’t be that person.

Anyway, were you following Reesa Teesa’s story? Let us know what your take was.

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