February 24, 2024


Motivated Entrepreneurship is all about everything Entrepreneurship, Business, and Finance, with a focus on Africa and Africans across the Globe.

We are telling the stories of African entrepreneurs, creatives, and achievers across the globe, and showcasing up-coming businesses and talent. We also include business news with a focus on the African continent.

Motivated Entrepreneurship was created based on the need for entrepreneurs to feel supported in their businesses. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or have experience in business we have something for you.

Additionally, we want you to have access to well-researched, helpful content from trusted sources. Here you will basically get perspective for possible changes to make and the tangible or qualitative improvement to expect.

This is the place for you to build confidence in your brand as well as gain knowledge, develop your entrepreneurial ideas, and gather helpful information to level-up your business. Furthermore, we deliver insightful content designed to improve your:

  • Brand image and identity,
  • Customer reach,
  • Customer retention,
  • Marketing strategy.

The Motivated Entrepreneurship Blog

It is essential to see what other businesses and fellow entrepreneurs are doing globally. That’s why we provide regular entrepreneur and business features, to showcase brands (and people) that will inspire and motivate you.

We supply the latest trending business news, to keep you updated with the world of international business. Our content will concurrently identify problems that affect entrepreneurs and we will suggest and discuss solutions to these issues all in one convenient location.

Also, do you need access to awesome opportunities? Make sure you keep an eye out for our posts for grants and competitions.

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